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Risk Management

Our management division has been in existence for as long as the company has existed – well over 50 years. Over the years the division has offered risk management consultancy services to many blue chip companies both local and international and in various sectors of the economy.

Our Risk Management Philosophy

Our risk management efforts are primarily based on the premises that risks are relative to an organization’s objectives. Objectives must therefore exist before potential events affecting their achievement can be identified.

It is therefore imperative that any forward looking organization seeking to achieve its set objectives / performance targets must have its risks identified and appropriately managed.

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Our Approach

At serian Insurance Agency, we adopt and Enterprise-wide approach to risk management that is holistic and integrated in the entire organization’s functions, processes and decisions. Our approach is made up of eight components namely:-

  • The internal Environment – In this phase we seek to understand the environment in which the organization operates and the tone of the organization in as far as risk and risk management is concerned and then set the basis for how risk is viewed and addressed by the organization’s people, risk management philosophy and risk appetite, integrity and ethical values.
  • Events Identification – Internal and External events affecting the achievement of the organization’s objectives are identified and distinguished between risks and opportunities.
  • Risk Assessment – Identified risks are analysed, considering likelihood and impact as a basis for determining how they should be managed.
  • Risk Responses - Appropriate risk responses are suggested to the organization’s management for adoption and implementation. Possible responses may include:- avoidance, acceptance, reduction/control, sharing, transfer (insurance/contractual).
  • Control Activities – Policies and procedures are established and implemented to help ensure that the risk responses are effectively carried out.
  • Information and Communication – Relevant information is identified and channels and formats of communication and time frames are established.   Responsibilities are assigned. Effective communication is encouraged through communication in a broader sense, flowing down, across and up the organization.
  • Monitoring – The set enterprise-wide risk management process from the above seven components is monitored and continuously and modifications made as necessary.

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Key Deliverables

Our risk management efforts will deliver numerous benefits to an organization key among them:-

  • Protection and preservation  of the organization’s tangible and intangible assets and its production capacity
  • Assured business continuity in the phase of adversity
  • Protection/enhancement of its bottom line
  • Improved corporate governance
  • Compliance with reporting requirement in the financial reporting & accounts (turn bull & the combined code)
  • Provides guidance for compliance with the law.

E.g. – Environmental management & co-ordination Act 1999 (NEMA Audits)
-  The Factory Act
- Occupational health and safety requirements by the Directorate of  
Occupational Health and safety.

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