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Burglary & Other Miscellaneous Accident Insurance

Physical property is exposed to loss through house breaking, theft and accidental damage. We will assess the exposure to risk and arrange appropriate cover for specific type of property as listed below;

Burglary Insurance

Loss of or damage to property by burglary following violent and forcible entry into or exit from the premises insured.

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Plate Glass

Indemnity against accidental breakage of fixed glass from any cause other that from the causes specifically excluded in the policy.

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All Risks Insurance

The cover is ideal for valuables and items that may be used outside the premises. Covered risks includes fire theft and accidental damage.

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Golfers / Clubman's Insurance

Indemnity against loss of or damage to Sporting Equipment and Personal Effects and Legal Liability to Third Parties, including cover for Accidental Death and Medical Expenses as specified in the Policy.

  • Traveler's baggage,
  • Pedal Cycle.

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