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Engineering Insurance

The operation of plant machinery and equipment is potentially risky due to possible breakdown, explosion and loss / damage to property. Persons might also be injured.

We arrange for appropriate insurance covers that suit the needs of any client. Some of the common engineering insurance covers that we offer include the following:

Machinery Breakdown

Policy provides, indemnity in respect of unforeseen and sudden loss or damage to the specified machinery whilst at work or at rest or while being dismantled.

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Computer & Electronic Equipment

Policy covers sudden and unforeseen physical loss of or damage to the computer equipment, software and re-compilation of data lost or damaged. The policy also covers increased cost of working occasioned by loss of or damage to the computer equipment.

The insurance covers the risk of explosion and collapse of any boiler or pressure plant in the course of ordinary working. There is also cover for own surrounding property and also third party liability.

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Contractors All Risks Insurance

The insurance provides indemnity for damage to specific contract work. Indemnity is also available for construction plant / equipment, site materials, injury to employees and third party liability.

Erection All Risks Insurance provides cover against risks associated with Erection, testing and commissioning of machinery, plant and equipment during the construction stage.

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Consequential Loss - Machinery Breakdown

Indemnity for loss resulting from interruption or interference to the business insured. The loss may be direct loss of profits during the period of interruption. Insurance cover for deterioration of goods held at a constant temperature is provided under deterioration of stock policy. The consequential loss follows breakdown of refrigeration equipment

Loss of profits following sudden accidental and unforeseen damage to machinery covered.

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