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Professional Indemnity

The bespoke nature of Professional Indemnity Insurances means that we operate a specialist Unit within Serian Insurance Agency Ltd. to look after the needs and requirements of our professional clients.

Our professional client bank is made up of a broad variety of advisory businesses including accountants, doctors, surveyors, lawyers, architects, engineers, construction specialists, the I.T. sector, computer consultants and miscellaneous classes together with the new professions such as Internet Service Providers, website designers, programmers, e-commerce and online banking and credit card purchase providers to name but a few.

Our P.I. team is staffed by experienced and knowledgeable individuals who can respond to the technical needs and requirements of our clients. Without Professional Indemnity Insurance in Kenya today , companies run the risk of being exposed to many liabilities such as:

    1. Libel & Slander
    2. downloading of viruses to third parties
    3. Malicious falsehood
    4. False attribution of authorship
    5. Passing off Copyright
    6. Trademarks
    7. Intellectual property rights Breach of Confidentiality Breach of normal rights and negligent statements...

Talks to us to assist you arrange an appropriate cover for yourself or you company.
In addition to sourcing competitive premiums we offer high standards of technical expertise that allows us to guide clients through any contractual advice that they may need in conjunction with an Insurance policy.

Please let us talk to you to assist you arrange an appropriate cover for yourself or you company. { contact form details}  alternatively, please complete our online proposal form for us to get back to you with the appropriate premium quotation.{ Proposal } form.

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